TradeVue® Mission:  To be the first place consumers go to get the most accurate trade-in value for their vehicle

TradeVue® is an interactive vehicle appraisal tool designed to maximize conversions and drive more leads on auto dealer websites.

TradeVue® provides a simple method for consumers to appraise their vehicle by importing and validating nearly every vehicle in the pre-owned ecosystem from hundreds of sources every day.

The company’s unique Appraisal Diamond® formats a snapshot of the entire market on an easy-to-interpret graphic. In one glance, car shoppers can quickly validate vehicle prices as they research possible purchase options.

The Appraisal Diamond® identifies the “savings range”, which affords dealers more flexibility in negotiations and provides buyers a better representation of value. Each time a new appraisal is received,

TradeVue collects information from the customer and sends it to the dealer for follow up. TradeVue® is a great way for dealers to provide value to their website visitors while also collecting pertinent contact information within a low-stress environment. This benefits both the dealer and consumer, resulting in a better buying experience.

TradeVue® is the number one product of E-Drive Autos, founded in 2011 by CEO Derek White.

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