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Our visually-engaging vehicle appraisal and conversion technologies generate the highest form completion rate in the industry.

#1 Trade tool in automotive.

The top trade tool in automotive delivers full-funnel customer reach with range-based valuations on a single page format and Bi-lingual support.

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Market Pricing & Analytics

Independent price validation, retail market trends and predictive analytics on every vehicle appraisal conveniently displayed on your dealer dashboard.    

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Impactful Content Powered by A.I.

A visual marketing widget that utilizes both owned and user-generated content to increase conversions across your entire website.                       

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Once they click, they stick!

E-Drive's appraisal products feature our trademark Appraisal Diamond. This highly-engaging visual reference converts shoppers into leads at an astounding rate.

Form Completion Rate Counts!

Form Completion Rate (FCR) is how all conversion tools are measured. If a product has a poor FCR, you lose leads and ultimately sales! E-Drive's products have an average FCR of 38% - nearly 5 times the industry average!


Range-Based Appraisals

E-Drive developed the idea of range-based appraisals more than 5 years ago, and today our valuation logic is used by thousands dealers, vendors and marketing companies. Range-based pricing finds common ground between the two and cuts negotiation up to 70%!

Bring your customers into Vue.

Key Features Overview

Turbocharge your website conversion strategy with E-DriveTM

Range Based

Our products utilize a range-based appraisal process which affords your dealership additional leverage upon physical inspection of a customer’s vehicle.

Spanish Version

E-Drive's products can be viewed in Spanish.

Visually Appealing

Values are displayed on E-Drive's exclusive Appraisal Diamond, providing a better frame of reference for your customers.


Our products are completely customizable and can be presented as an independent resource for your customers or as a native tool on your website.

Single Page Format

Most trade appraisals feature multiple pages, which cause higher abandonment rates. TradeVue’s entire appraisal process is show on one page.


In speed tests against popular conversion tools, ours came out on top. Your customers will appreciate our simplicity and speed.

Proprietary Software

Our valuation logic utilizes market data collected from multiple sources and factors in current market trends, demand and seasonality based upon several factors, including demand and market trends.

Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of your online traffic comes from mobile. Our products are mobile-friendly and ultra-responsive on all of your customer's devices.

Incredible Support

Have a Question? We are just a phone call, or email away. Our stellar support department delivers an unmatched customer experience.

E-Drive products are fully optimized for mobile devices.

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